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Our mission is to produce durable high-quality products that help protect the environment.

Go-Sep, Experts In Water management!

Go-Sep™ is an expert in the field of waste water treatment and water conduction. We are an American manufacturing company founded by Engineers.

In our own factory in New Jersey, we develop, manufacture and sell high-quality products for construction-, plumbing- and installation industries.

For the production of our products we work with first class HDPE. This material is know for its durability, which is estimated to be over 50 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce durable high-quality products that protect the environment. We manufacture products that are based on European designs. They meet and exceed the American standards and are approved and tested in European markets.

Our Vision

We aspire to reduce our ecological footprint impacting our ecosystem and aims at improving our nation’s health and economic growth. We meet rigorous regulations requirements and the superior quality of our products is the result of our certified and skilled employees.

Our Philosophy

Our purpose aims to protect the environment more than is expected, raise awareness about water infrastructure protection, and outreach our nation about the critical role of this infrastructure system to our health and economic growth. We strive to protect our water with an ultimate goal of creating a better and healthier tomorrow.

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Flap valves

Flood prevention

Inspection pits

Water inspection

Grease traps

Water filtering

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