Flap valve – GFN-T™

HDPE flap valve – Wall mounted
These flap valves are designed for tidal situations and to be installed on a wall or flat surface.


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Flap valves

Flap valves are commonly used in water flow, sewage and wastewater systems. They are designed to allow fluids to flow in one direction while preventing back flow in the opposite direction.

Flap valves prevent backflow for stormwater and wastewater in pipe systems, chambers and basins. Flap valves are typically used in applications where there is a risk of flooding or backup, such as in storm-water management systems, treatment plants, ports, rivers and coastal areas.


Our products are mainly manufactured from HDPE. This is a type of plastic that is durable and resistant to chemical and environmental factors, making it an ideal material for the construction of water management products.
The main benefit of HDPE is that it is lightweight and easy to install.

HDPE is also also resistant to corrosion, erosion, and UV radiation. Making it a durable and long-lasting solution for sewage and wastewater systems. Additionally, our products can be customized to fit specific pipe diameters and flow rates, making them a versatile solution for a range of applications.

Go-Sep™ products were developed and designed by Engineers in Europe and proudly made in America. In this way we can guarantee you the best quality/price and shortest lead times.


– Various pressure ratings
– Customization
– Various mounting options
– Various steel grades


– Design life of 50+ years
– Maintenance free
– Light weight (easy to install)
– High UV-protection
– Low opening head of ½”
– No accumulation of debris
– Customization possible
– Corrosion free

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⌀ 02", ⌀ 03", ⌀ 04", ⌀ 06", ⌀ 08", ⌀ 10", ⌀ 12", ⌀ 16"


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