Flap valve GFV-W™ – Wall mounted

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HDPE flap valve – Wall mounted
These flap valves are designed to be installed on a wall or flat surface.

Go-Sep - GFV-W

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HDPE Flap valve

Our flap valves were developed for flow control and backflow prevention. In the event of flooding, it is important that you can completely rely on your installed flap valves.

Our valves can be used in surface water, sewers, disposal systems  and other aggressive environments where reverse flow needs to be prevented. The water is controlled by automatically opening and closing the gate.

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  • HDPE
  • EPDM
  • SS316


  • Good chemical resistance against acids, salts, oil etc.
  • There is minimum to no maintenance required
  • Produced from the Highest-Quality HDPE
  • Stainless steel 316 ballast weight, bolts and hinges
  • Lightweight, easy to install and handle
  • No rotting
  • No corrosion
  • High flexibility
  • No material fatigue
  • Durable EPDM sealing rubber
  • High UV protection by addition of carbon for outdoor use
  • Thick material
  • Problem free in use between -58 F and 158 F
  • Welded by certified welders
  • Fast lead times
  • Low opening head of 1/2″
  • Lower costs compared to steel valves

1 review for Flap valve GFV-W™ – Wall mounted

  1. William

    We use the wall mount models on our concrete headwalls to prevent backflow. They work flawless and are really easy to install!

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