Grease alarm GA-1 x GA-2

Grease alarm GA are devices that are specially designed for grease separators, indicate when it is time to empty the grease separator.

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Grease alarm GA-1 and GA-2 are alarm devices that are specially designed for grease separators. They indicate when it is time to empty the grease separator and thus prevents harmful grease emissions to the sewer system.

  • Protecting our environment
  • Versatile device for basic requirements
  • Robust
  • Designed to comply EN 1825 and DIN 4040 norms
  • Easy to install
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Especially suitable for all kind of grease separators
  • 115 or 230V


Grease Alarm GA-1

The GA-1 is designed to help businesses control both their expenditure on unnecessary pumping charges and prevent harmful and costly sanitary sewer discharges from interceptors. This is accomplished by providing an active cost effective monitoring solution.

Grease Alarm GA-2

The GA-2 builds upon the GA-1 through the inclusion of an additional sensor, which monitors the water level and indicates the controller that the water table has risen within the unit, an indication of a blockage in the discharge line of the interceptor.

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GA-1 – 115V, GA-1 – 230V, GA-2 – 115V, GA-2 – 230V


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