We recently supplied some GGV-N™ sluice gates for a water treatment plant. This model is suitable for a water pressure of 3 M.W.C. (10 ft). 

When a higher pressure is required, we recommend our GGV-W™ models. This model can withstand a pressure of 5 M.W.C. (16.5 ft).

Our sluice gates are available in various models and sizes like our rectangular GGV-R™ models or our GGV-G™ grating sluice gates. 

The installation of our GFV-W™ on a culvert outlet. Our valves are suitable for all weather conditions. This model is designed to be installed on a flat (concrete) surface using bolts or our fixing kit. These valves are also available in customized rectangular shapes.

We were approached by one of our customers to design custom GFV-R™ rectangular flap gates. These valves were installed in a very small space using the fixing kit.

This GFV-R™ model is a custom product. At Go-Sep we design these valves for free in your desired dimensions. 

We designed two custom fit GFV-PP™ flap valves for one of our customers. They were designed to be installed on a corrugated plastic pipe. This model is easy to install by inserting (pushing) it into any plastic/concrete/steel pipe. If you want to be sure it fits perfectly for your job, provide us with your information and we will make sure it fits seamlessly.

We were approached by one of our customers to replace 10 rusted flap valves. To avoid corrosion, we replaced these with our GFV-F™ flap valves.

The installation of our GFV-W™ flap valves using our fixing kit. Directly mounted on a concrete 10” outfall to prevent backflow.